Pour répondre à le demande de Julien // Eliane Radigue

A small quote which I’ve translated from Eliane Radigue’s article of the same name found in Portraits polychromes no. 17 relating to her extraordinary oral practice of transmitting pieces. It’s quite beautiful in the original French…


How does it work? By the mysterious power of the projection of ideas that inhabit the spirit of the work and which determine the work’s structure; images projected either by words or intuitively/abstractly, associated with a hint of the intellectual, the same nature of the music, transported as if by magic in a way that eastern thought calls “heart to heart” (the location of the spirit in these cultures), which here in the west we have had the tendency to situate after having mentalized, stripped of affect, in the brain”

– Eliane Radigue “Pour répondre à le demande de Julien” in Portraits Polychromes no. 17


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