Arnolfini Residency March 27-31

This week upcoming I will be engaging in a short residency in the Dark Studio of Arnolfini in Bristol, UK.

I’ll be developing a new project themed around on-ride videos of rollercoasters. I used to be very interested in rollercoasters as a teen, and when I checked to see if my simulator of choice had a new version, it did! Enter No Limits 2

In the gallery I’ll spend the week building simulated rollercoasters and thinking about what the intersection of art and rollercoasters might be, whether I should design something “realistic” (and what that even means), what role process might have in my design, how online communities and critique might influence my thinking and—because I’m a composer—how live musicians might interact with the project as a kind of score or environment.

(example track from the No Limits website showing what the sim can do!)


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