Featured in the Wire Issue 403

Recently, Tim Rutherford-Johnson (whose well-known blog has been a favourite of mine for a long time) interviewed me for an article in the Wire. Tim’s article (Unsettling Scores) is about embodied scores, and features some great writing about composers such as Celeste Oram, Claudia Molitor, Michael Baldwin, and Louis d’Heudieres.

Here’s a small quote about my work:

With any written record destroyed, they have to rely on their memories and Nickel’s own instructions for disseminating its contents to others, creating a new, socially networked form of composition. Nickel distributed instructions through soundfiles, “little radio broadcasts” in which tone of voice, vocal cadence and “vibe” are compositional parameters. Some of these could be listened to more than once; others would have to be deleted, Mission Impossible-style, after hearing.



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